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Apr. 26th, 2011

Random Update

a lot has happened since the day i last wrote an entry.

i changed my job (like finally)
i bought a car
i bought a place
i put on some weight.

my new job's definitely more exciting as compared to my previous but shit's all around... i had shit thrown at me internally (within the company) in the past... now its external.


i guess in this life... my mission is to find a job that i can throw shit at people.
anyone suggest a job that allows me to do that? =|

im slowly getting use to the people around me and the environment... trying to play the game a lil better than my previous... so hope to not screw things up this round.

on to happier notes...
my new car is white.. as in real white.. not pearly white.. those that may turn yellow if care is not taken. we call it the White Rabbit. why white? i dont know.. it probably looks best with truffle coloured leather seats.

sadly, i only get to drive them during weekends as the bf drives the rabbit to work.
rather than enjoying the drive im probably more obsessed with cleaning it. i try to clean it at every chance i get.. so yeah.. i dont want a yellow/grey rabbit.

i'll only get keys to my new place in August/September '11... so currently hunting around for IDs... approached 3 IDs and received 1 quote... waiting for the other 2 and probably gonna look around for 2 more IDs before we sit and discuss our final choice...

choosing an ID is quite tedious.. besides all the sales talk, you gotta trust your sixth sense... to finally decide if he/she's the one. if you've similar experience, im sure you know what im referring too.

tomorrow's another working day and im looking forward to my upcoming extended weekend as my company declared a 'PH' on 3rd May! for no reason, just a company's holiday...

i would like to party/sleep/dance/shop like there's not much to care in the world... since im super deprived of my holidays... its been 5 months since i had a plane ride for leisure. =( hope to plan something soon.

till then~

Feb. 28th, 2010


hey ho...
its been 43 days since my wedding in Singapore.
and every weekend is still packed with activities.
i would totally blame it on work as it robs my personal time
and i dont get much out of the 48 hours during the weekends... (my sleep alone takes up 16 hours.. and i'm only left with 32 hours =((((((( )

i've encountered a few people asking me hows marriage life.
i laughed it off and said its still very much the same...
after thinking thru, i think i do feel a lil different.
not sure whether its because i'm getting older or my brain suddenly matured..
i tend to panic when i can't find/get T on the phone.
i hate to sound mushy but i'm really scared that he'll suddenly disappear from my life.

it has been close to 3 years since i'm together with him...
thou not the longest, but we definitely gone thru several roller coaster rides in our time together.
now i can say that im totally dependent on him... should anything happen.. i think i'll die. haha.
just the thought about it activates my tear glands... and no, i'm not having PMS... just probably a lil emo.

anyway, i'm looking forward to our honeymoon trip this coming 11th...
we'll be heading to 3 places, Italy, France and Switzerland...
besides being eager to head to places where I've never been before..
i'm also excited to spend more time with T. =)
i only get to see him after 8pm most of the days... and we sleep by 11pm...
usually that 3 hours are spent having dinner and catching bits of cable TV
its been ages since i last had quality time with him.
i totally miss those times where i took trips up to M'sia to visit him.
sigh.. i miss being a student. hate exams but totally love the breaks.

T's currently in Batam.. enjoying his massage session.. and im totally green.
i wonder when would be my turn =(


my friend's dad just passed away this afternoon due to a car collision..
i didnt know how to reply his (her husband) sms... it was filled with "omg", "sorry to hear about it", "deepest condolences" etc.. after reading the message... i felt like it sounded cold... hence thought of calling him.
i hesitated a while... because i didnt know what to say...
seriously, how to comfort someone who's grieving?
besides telling them to be strong... i dont know what else to say... kinda feel useless. =\

i feel that im too young to have people i know dying.
i really want all the good people to live forever.
probably its time to start searching for an elixir.
or maybe just something that can help lessen the pain of losing someone close..

i do hope that she'll take it well.
deepest condolences to May and her family.

Dec. 8th, 2009


its been about 20 weeks since i last update... and in a few more days, i'll be starting my first mission in Malaysia.
After anticipating for over a year... the time has finally come. =)

19th Dec '09 - Johor (Batu Pahat), Malaysia
26th Dec '09 - Pahang (Temerloh), Malaysia
16th Jan '10 - Singapore Marriott Hotel

There are plenty of stuff that happened during the past 20 weeks..
Been hooked on some Taiwan Drama show ("Guang Yin De Gu Shi")... spent 2 days finishing 3 episodes (100min/ep.) on YouTube.
Watched Red Cliff Part 1 and 2 over the weekend... old show.. but im glad i watched it. really interesting!
Met up with my secondary school friend whom i havent met for 2 years...
Keep dreaming of trips to Taiwan, Japan and my pending 14 days honeymoon to Europe in Mar '10.
My room underwent a minor reno... had my rock walls plastered and layered with greyish wall paper..
We bought a Simmons bed (Beauty Rest) which will come in on 21st Dec '09...
I dyed my hair.. its now copper brown/red i think..
Thomas bought a iMac... my PC is a white elephant now... i haven't touched it since we own a Mac.
I received an early X'mas present this year... a red iPod Nano.. (Thomas is an Mac Addict now.. he worships Steve Jobs =x)
My parents bought for my youngest sister a puppy... and we named him Shiro (Breed: Japanese Spitz).
super active and he keeps biting my toes. hate it! -_-

I bought 3 pairs of shoes for my gowns..
I still can't believe i actually splurge $4xx on a pair...
thats like the most expensive pair of shoes i bought till date.
well... there is always a first for everything eh? =P

It may not be worth the money but i think im starting to have a lil something for pretty shoes. heheh...

5" Aldo heels @ S$175
4" Claudio heels @ S$3xx
4" Karen Millen heels @ S$4xx

i still cant believe i spent so much on just shoes. -_-"

this wedding is causing my bank account to bleed.
i go for facials every week... hoping that I can stay away from acne esp. during that time of the month...
i drink collagen... hoping that i will look radiant on that day.
i still go for slimming.. hoping that i can shed more weight (i've been constant at my current weight for the past 2 months)
im still trying hard to lose more weight.. but i cant seem to resist weekend indulgence of ice cream and fried food. hurhur

anyway, i just came back from a company event at boat quay.
we had food at Dallas Restaurant & Bar.... it was a 3 course dinner and i enjoyed the main entree the most...
i had turkey stuffed with chestnut =)))
photos should be on FB soon... or probably until i get the camera cables from my sis.

on a totally irrelevant note, i've been playing Lady GaGa's Bad Romance since this afternoon...
the song is soooo addictive. I think she's damn talented.. i dont know how these people write such great songs...

talking about songs.. i still cant decide which song to play play for my first march in...
any ideas?
Thomas and I do not have a couple song or anything like that... so we are open to any songs.

gonna catch some sleep now..
the next time i update should be after my 1st banquet in Johor.
till then! =)

Jul. 16th, 2009

(no subject)

if you're still reading this... i guess you're either bored or accidentally chanced upon this webpage. haha

just an update about my life...
work has been the same...
just that these days... when i really have nothing to do... i become hungry for information.
gossips i mean.

it started from celebrity gossips.. from who's breaking up / getting a divorce or someone's turning gay. hahaha
i love the fact that my colleagues will give me the.. "are you serious?!" tone when i tell them juicy news..
it all started with www.straitstimes.com then to www.news.com.au to some UK news (i forgot the link).
some news are really entertaining... serious cases of murder to lame excuses that people use when they miss their flight.. (its due to rhinos by the way!)

other then that... life has been the same.
wedding preparations have come to a standstill.
i dont know why.. probably its because we've done every single thing already. lol
i think 1 year ahead of the wedding day is too much time.
i rather make do with say... 6 - 8 months?
thou that means less room for mistakes / shit happening.
but at least the spirit of getting married is there... hahaha.

im actually more excited about Xmas than my weddings in Malaysia!
i cant wait for the malls to play my favourite jingles and feel cozy cozy with all the X mas-y decors.
Xmas has got to be one of my favourite-est holiday.. other than CNY. =P

one of the sales manager in my department is getting married!
and boy am i excited!
i spent last weekend donating cash at several retail boutiques...
i hope i dont feel the pinch when the bill statement comes.
andddd... my sister found a super good buy on ebay..
its an Authentic Calvin Klein dress (bought at Macy's) for only 60 bucks.
crazy shit. i didnt think much when i said "BUY IT!!!"
was a lil scared that it may not fit but it turns out that it fits really well..
i only had to alter the length of the dress and voilaaaaaaa!
a dress like this is sure to cost at least US$150 i swear!
i hope that i'll have more chances to wear it in future =D

i have no idea why i'm having this something for long dresses these days.
it just makes a woman so feminine. its not about showing flesh. its about.... poise and elegance.
well.. on the contrary.. i bought a tutu dress at Bebe last Saturday. -_-
its short... but its cute.. and definitely not flashy. lol
i've decided to wear it for my poly bud's wedding on 8th Aug.
will definitely be posting photos on FB!!

alright.. gonna try my luck on bejeweled on FB again!


May. 18th, 2009

(no subject)

its been a while since i last had a day off during a weekend.
probably the best way... or rather the only way to acheive it is to get.... sick.

yup! i'm on sick leave today thanks to my swollen tonsils.
its rather hard to forget that im sick because i eat so very often.

i had a lot in mind, planned last night to celebrate my day off today, but nothing much was done.
i woke up at 8am.
the biological clock just had to do that every weekday morning... sometimes weekends as well.. crappy eh?
finished up some data that was left undone since last friday.
it was overall a rather relaxing event.

working at home has its own leisures too.
like... i can fart as much as i want to and not control how loud its gonna be.
im just kidding! im very discreet about my farts... even at home, esp when Thomas is around. lol

he should be reaching PD in another hour or so...
i hate it when he gets to travel so much these days.
its ok if he's flying but its not ok when he has to drive alone.
i certainly hope he gets enough rest on Sunday while i recover from my temperature.

i'm gonna be 1 yr old in JMS really soon.
looking back at my entries on how i trashed my company brings back fond memories.
truth is, i'm still not happy with my job.
and so, i've been sending resumes.. not as active as before because im tired... and lazy.
it takes a great deal to scout for jobs these days.. esp when i dont wanna end up unhappy, like my current job.

its been a while since i load pictures in this journal.. 
for those who aint on FB, these are some recent pictures which shows that im still much fleshy and alive.

my parents and sisters... sorry for the poor quality image.
needa resize it for easy uploading.

Thomas and myself

planning to upload another image but livejournal's image upload seems to be cracking up.
its alright.. all the stars have been featured in the above images. hahha

can't wait for Thomas to get his ass back home!

Mar. 12th, 2009

(no subject)

hmmm.. it seems like a trend that i always type an entry when thomas is away (not away, there are times when he's not ard too but im just too lazy).
well its not suppose to be like that but it just happens.. its purely coincidental!

probably what triggered me to blog is becoz im feeling bored.. -_-
usually at this time of the day (9.30pm) thomas would be home already.. so either im surfing the net with him by my side or us downstairs watching Channel 55. haha!

alright.. some wedding updates.
venue has been long set since my last entry which was like more than a month ago...
we'll be meeting the florist on the 17th to discuss about how we can add more to the current themes that they've got.

we've already paid a down payment for our actual day photographer..
he's gary koh.. if you're interested, you can head down to,
he's quite averagely priced, compared to the others in WPJA (wedding photography journalistic association)

besides that.. did i mention about my wedding gowns?
i've settled for a local bridal studio called Z Wedding D'sign
my fitting is on the 17th of April... which is like 1 month away..
a lil nervous (becoz im afraid i cant fit into the gowns i like) and a lil excited (cant wait to wear those fancy dresses and pretend to be a princess for that few hours)

save the date emails will be sent out pretty soon..
im thinking of printing them out into cards for invited guest to keep but im still considering...
probably i might just email them out.
save the trees!

the major decisions are more or less settled..
its the small stuff that's quite a chore...
but i guess everything would fall into place when the time gets nearer.

i should be signing up with one of the slimming centres.. courtesy of my mum
i hate to jog actually..
i dont like being soak in sweat... and that i've to bathe and yadah yadah... so much hassle.
i rather restrict my food and lie on those bed with wires attached on my body. hahhhaaha

im suppose to be on a lookout for jobs..
but i think i'll do so after my wedding...
i'll tahan until early next year, after my wedding then probably i'll quit.
i guess i might go back to dance again...
if not.. i hope to work in the service industry.
i totally enjoy meeting clients... my current job is the total opposite
and i really miss those times where i work as a shampoo promoter.
all the older aunties who come for the hair analysis loves me!! HAHA

i wanna go on short trips again soon.
its been close to 3 months since i've came back from HK.
hope to go elsewhere by May thou!

actually, i've been thinking a lot about flying. as in being an air stewardess..
thou i may not have the 'figure' for it yet, but im sure i can slim down if i have the determination to.
not that i may even be selected for their 2nd round of interviews,
but... at least i try... so in years to come, i can die without regrets..... hahaha.
i've a few friends who are flying and im totally green with envy.
the amount of money they earn and the places they get to go... *sigh*
thinking about it really makes me hate my job even more.

besides the joy of serving ppl. i get to travel for free.
and on top of those goodies, i get paid quite a bit.. its basic is about 3.5k (w/o allowance i think)
i really need more money.. my current job pays me shit.
argh.. how to save money to buy house! i need 10 years i think! just to pay for the down payment. =S

please allow me to try?
i may or may not even get selected for the next round!

till then! =]


Feb. 4th, 2009

(no subject)

i'm feeling it too...
you've been back less than 5 days and now you're off again =\
i hope this wouldnt happen too often... or else i'll downsize the bed!

the feeling is worse compared to times when you shuttle between SG and MY...
its because im so use to having you at home every night.

anyway.. for the sake of work, and most importantly, money.. i shall wait patiently for your arrival.

Wedding Update:
16th January 2010 - date!
Singapore Marriott Hotel - venue!
12.00pm - time (soleminization)!
1.00pm - banquet lunch!

next up... Appointing an Actual Day (AD) Photographer! =D

Jan. 28th, 2009

Typer Shark

i was sooo bored.
i even max-ed the no. of life.. =(


Jan. 25th, 2009

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!
If there are any readers left, thank you for checking back on my sporadic entries. haha!

Something pleasant to share... I'm getting hitched!
If you dont know by now... its not too late because the year is set in 2010.

The date hasnt been set yet because I have yet to confirm the hotel where the dinner will be held at.
There are some pretty hotels which i've shortlisted but there are many factors which kept bothering me till now...
hence no date has been set yet.

some of the factors will be... like the minimum no. of tables for a weekend (Saturday) dinner.
better hotels need at least 30 tables... and I only managed to hit 23.
23 tables are just for my mum's side.

oh.. i'll be have 3 wedding dinners. -_-
1 in SG (23 tables), 1 in KL (10? tables) and the other in Johor - Batu Pahat (15 tables).
the thought of it makes me lose my appetite.

i cant image when the date gets nearer... everything will be a mad rush!
becoz the dinners in Malaysia will be held over the weekend.. and I dont think i have the luxury to take so many days off work.

3 wedding dinners means coordinating 3 different events... means getting more outfits to wear (which is quite fun), means finding photographers and MakeUp Artist (MUA) at different locations to make me up.
how exciting.

the past 2 weeks... my parents, thomas and i have been discussing non-stop about how its gonna be like and this and that..
the traditional way of getting married is quite a chore.
all the 'how to do this and that' sounds really foreign and weird.

i just bought my mattress not too long ago... and the feng shui master said that i had to buy another one to replace it!
what a waste of money -_-
everything in the room is suppose to be new.... so yah.. throw! throw! throw!

it should feel good to replace old things with new ones.. but i feel that its such a waste. im becoming like an auntie...
like those who recycle everything and anything!
from my marriage planning... i somehow value money more.
every girl wish to have the perfect dream wedding.. and i know that, that cant be achievable without a big bank.
sometimes i feel like a miser.
its really terrible to sit and think about how i dealt with a money situation.

let me list down a brief summary of what my expenses would be like,
- dinner (23 tables - ~$25,000)
- flower decor (~$1,000)
- wedding favours (~$500)
- wedding cake (if budget allows)
- photographers (~$2,500 - For SG only)
- MUA (~$1,200 for myself, mum and sis - For SG only)
- gowns / suits (i dont wish to know. it should choke up to a few thousands)
- shoes (hoping to get a nice one less than $250)
- mani and pedicures (~$130)
- facials (dont wish to know.)
- red packets for the JP (soleminizer) and 'sisters' (thats another few hundreds?)
- filing of marriage ($30 i think)
- guo da li things - oranges, cakes, pig? (thomas's headache - lets not talk abut it)
- dowry (thomas's migraine - yah.)
- hotel stay for his family who will becoming down from Pahang. (bout $300++/room/night)

i'm sure i left out some other stuff but i cant really remember it off hand.
marriage is suppose to be a happy event... but i dont really feel the 'joy' yet.
i hope it will set in soon...

will be viewing Hilton and Marriot on Wednesday... and hopefully, confirming my dinner venue by next weekend.
the auspicious dates that we want are pretty 'hot' among the other couples hitching in 2009/2010..
hence we gonna act fast.
i dont like it that everything is so rushy!

it would definitely be good if i had a wedding planner...
but that would mean increasing my wedding expenses by a couple of thousands.

sheesh. =s

nonetheless, im just glad i've time off work to sleep in and relax till thursday
(29th Jan).
the down side to that is... i dont have thomas to accompany me thru this holiday.
what a shame... isnt it. =|

Dec. 2nd, 2008


its been 7 weeks since i last posted and its gonna be 6 whole months since i started working.
isnt it crazy or what!

i made friends with the loveliest people you can find..
they are well sorta the ones  who make me wanna come to work everyday! haha

thou the job scope is boring as hell...
i thank god that i have friends whom i can crap from 8am to 5.50pm!
well.. i choose to believe that these people are filled with a heart of gold and....... lotsa crap in their head. haha!

life has been rather smooth..
wake up, head to work, get home, have dinner, sleep.
thats probably my Mon - Fri work schedule...
i wake at 7.05am (dont ask me why the 5 mins... becoz i think u know),
leave at 7.45am (my dad sends me!),
reach office at 7.58am (just before the bell goes at 8am),
knock off sharp at 5.50pm... (unless the lady boss has urgent issues she wants me to look into),
and i get back at 6.15pm (my mum sends me home!)

i kinda like the arrangement of being chauffeured thou i very much would prefer driving rather then being a passenger.
but actually, im a lil scared of being too use to this kinda schedule.
i feel spoilt.
suppose to be a good thing eh?

im not intending to stay in this company for long (long i mean > 1 yr.. haha!)
becoz it is a place where u probably dont need qualifications to work in.
its a lot of OJT (On the Job Training)... and one definitely dont need a degree to work here.
from this.. im sure u'll know how much they pay. -_-
i'm just staying for the sake of earning money and beefing up the resume.

when im bored or get too tighted up with too many stuff..
there is only 1 thing that can calm me down.
no its not a picture of Thomas.. HAHA

its my Calendar. (it is not an excuse to buy a calendar as a gift for Xmas!!!)

I cant wait for time to fly.
fly to when i want it too.. like... i cant wait to head to HK this 17th Dec.
and i want Xmas to be like..tomorrow. hahahha
and i want my birthday to be like... next week?
and i want my next trip to Bintan to be 2 weeks after.
thoughts of escaping the chains of work makes me really happy.

i've been waiting for a good 2 months for this trip to HK.
will be flying via SQ to HK on Wednesday (17th Dec '08) morning and back to SG on Tuesday (23rd Dec '08) night.
back just in time for Xmas!
You might be wondering why its scheduled during mid week.. its because we are actually travelling with a group of friends.
Thomas's friends from Malaysia and Amsterdam will be meeting in HK for a 'gathering'..that explains the weird timing.
its really difficult to coordinate and accomodate to everyone's timing so it took us 1 month to get all the timing and accomodations booked.
it sure was quite a bit of effort!

why HK?
becoz i heard a lot about HK's shopping extravaganza... seen too many TVB series..
actually i hope to catch celebrities on the streets..
hopefully during their filming along the streets of HK! 
its gonna be my first time to HK.. so I'm very much excited about this trip.
i'm really positive about the amount of goodies im gonna bring back despite people telling me that its cold....
and there are nothing much you can buy that can be worn in SG.
i shall post another entry when im back.. and hopefully pictures of my loots during my 7 days in HK.

till then!
have fun preparing for Christmas!


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